7 Ways to Enhance Your Medical Recruitment Experience

Your medical recruitment process can have a big impact on the kind of candidates you’re able to attract, your budget, and your long-term retention. Improve your medical recruiting process, and you’ll improve your overall worker pool and your workplace satisfaction.

Improving your recruiting experience starts with taking the time to find the right medical staff recruiting agency in Arizona for your needs. Here are seven more things you can do to enhance your experience:

Mine Old Candidates

Before you start looking at new candidates, you should start looking at candidates that you screened and maybe even interviewed in the past. These are people who may have been a good fit, but you either ended up going with a stronger candidate or they ended up being offered another job. Now may be the perfect timing for both of you, but you won’t know unless you follow up.

Mining your old candidate pool will save you a lot of time and money since you have already vetted these people. It can also help you speed up the hiring process since the candidates already know your company and may be eager to start their careers within your organization.

Improve Your Internet Presence

Before candidates apply with you, they are likely going to do a little research into your company. If you have a terrible reputation online, the best candidates are not likely to apply with you. You may have poor patient reviews or poor employee reviews – they are both likely to deter future applicants.

Take some time to clean up your Internet presence as much as you can. Respond to negative comments and reviews to show that you take the problem seriously and want to make changes. If you are able to resolve the problem, you can also ask the person if they would consider removing the negative review.

Boost Your Brand

Cleaning up your Internet presence is part of improving your brand reputation, but you want to think bigger. You should also be thinking about the impressions you are making with your recruiting process. Is the application easy to find and complete? Are there too many steps in the process? Identify any problems and correct them.

You should also be working with your marketing company to highlight the best of your brand, such as your awards, employee events that you sponsor, benefits, and so on. You should be selling yourself as hard to the candidates as they are to you.

Use Key Technology

No one wants to fill out a paper application. We hope you know at least that. But even if you have an online process, you may not realize how antiquated other aspects of your recruiting process is and how it is costing you candidates.

Use the best technology to make your medical recruiting process easier. Use an online background check section. Employ pre-screening questions to weed out candidates before they spend time applying. Use a scheduling software to set up interviews. The easier it is on your candidates, the more impressed they will be.

Rethink Your Requirements

You may have included knowledge of a specific software in your prerequisites for your nursing applicants. But do you really want to turn away a nurse who has 20 years of experience and stellar patient skills because they don’t know a specific software platform?

Rethink the requirements you have for applicants to make sure that you aren’t unnecessarily losing candidates. You should focus on evaluating a whole candidate rather than narrowing in on specific skills.

Provide Continuous Communication

Applying for a job can feel like walking through a maze blindfolded. You never know what is going to come next, if anything. Many candidates now assume they are being ghosted if they don’t hear anything from potential employers, and they move onto the next opportunity. Employers who are just taking their time in the hiring process are then disappointed to find out that they’ve lost their preferred candidate.

You can avoid this by providing continuous communication about your hiring process. Provide updates with projected timelines. If there are going to be delays, let candidates know that. The more information you can provide, the better.

Reduce the Time to Hire

The longer your recruitment process takes, the more candidates you are going to lose. You need to find ways to reduce the time it takes from application to final hire. You can do that by pre-screening candidates, such as by using a top-notch medical staffing agency, by using the right technology, and by reducing the bureaucracy associated with your hiring.

The more you can do to improve your medical recruitment process, the better employees you will eventually welcome and the more money you will save. Take the time to evaluate your process and see which of these strategies you can implement to improve it.

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